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Russian women from big cities like St-Petersburg and Moscow Russian women from small cities and villages Western women
Values Typical Russian woman doesn’t need a man to depend on for financial survival. Russian woman wants with all her heart to be a wife and mother. She believes that this is her natural mission and destiny in life. Nothing is more important than the well being of her family. She will feel happy and successful only if everything is well and secure in her home. She is not envious of career women and she will never regret her choice of family over career. Her decision comes not from weakness, but from her strong will, wisdom and common sense about what is most important for her family. There are women who value career, but usually family is very important for them also. They always find time for doing household duties, for caring about children and husband. Typical Russian woman in a small city or village depends very much on the man for her financial survival. It provides very few places where they can work, usually the work is very little paid. They rarely have possibilities for career. So her obvious choice of life long values is family. They are happy just to sit at home, run about the house, grow children. Usually even if they are dissatisfied with their married life, they have no other choice, as if they divorce, they have very little chance to remarry. Russian woman wants with all her heart to be a wife and mother. She believes that this is her natural mission and destiny in life. Nothing is more important than the well being of her family. She will feel happy and successful only if everything is well and secure in her home. She is not envious of career women and she will never regret her choice of family over career. Most western women seem to value popularity and money.There are three major types of women, those that strive off their husbands and those that strive off others and those that tend not to strive.The type that strives off their husbands tends to look for rich or very popular males, and marry them not for love, but for what they can do for them.Most women of in this group come from Rich and upper middle class families. It is socially unacceptable for them to marry someone of a lower status in life.These women would trade happiness for money and station in life.The second group of women is normally of middle class.They tend to be like most men, upper and rich men, they try to over achieve and do not care who they walk on in the way.The husband better be supportive and helping, or be very quite and non complaintive, the woman would choose the career over her husband.The final class would be lower middle class, to poor.These women do not have much in life, but problems and family values.These women seem to care a lot about the family; they tend to end up with abusive husbands that they stay with for their childrens sake.They also do not seem to want to work; once again, theyd rather care for the family.These are they type of women most westerners would want, but once again refer to above, it is socially unacceptable to marry lower in station.
Usual Clothes It is usual for Russian women and women to wear sexy clothes: mini skirts, sexy dress, tight jeans, make up. As they work, they have to get up early to put on make up, to iron some clothes and go to work at their best. It is not the sign that they are looking for man, or they are free with their body, it is just a demand of the society. It is not proper for a man to go to work unshaved, it is not proper for a woman to go to work without make up. Half of young Russian women from small cities or villages wear sexy clothes too, but it is very often rather too bright and wants more taste. The other half wears plain clothes, wihtout taste also, as women have little choice of clothes there. After they become thirty years old the Russian women from small villagtes change clothes very much, become more mature, long skirts, much less sexy things. Usual clothes for them is usually not tasty, something plain. As with three different types of women, when it comes to money and values there are multiple types of women. Most western women do not take the time to put on anything more than jeans and a T-shirt if they do not plan on leaving their house, or doing more than grocery shopping.In western culture the cloths are victum of cultural trends and the sociological perspective of right and wrong. For example wearing a long summer dress would be acceptable for Church as a suit outfit, jacket and blouse top with a mid length skirt is suitable for a professional woman, a Beautiful tight fitting shirt and short lovable skirt (above the knees) is very unacceptable at either location.If worn in church you are being un Christian and wanting men to lust at you, thus causing the Christian man to sin, and if worn to work, it is seen as wanting to trade your body (be available for sex) for a promotion or better position.Now as for the types of women, some women do not like to wear sexy cloths for religious or just plain shy purposes, these tend to be more the kind a man should want to marry, a woman that is professional dressing tends to be very materialistic and are also the type that will put job first.The women that wear sexy cloths and look great, tend to be high maintenance (very very materialistic) and also are very free with their body ( will have sex with more than one male and have sex with no relationship, i.e. slut, whore, tramp).
Appearance Russian women from big cities are very concerned about their appearance. It’s rare to see somebody out of proportion or who does not attend to her hair and make-up even if she’s only going out to the store. There are Russian women from big cities who have some few spare kilogram, but it is not often, women prefer to keep fit, go to gyms, to swimming pools. They care for their skin also, there are a lot of possibilities to do it, big choice of creams, consultation how to care in the cosmetic clinic. Usually there are many young Russian women that look after their weight, their make up, but they do it only to get married. The usual age for marriage is about 19-22 years old and then they stay at home, stop caring about their appearance, get weight. There are only about 20% Russian women after 30 yo from small cities that care about their appearance. There is more than one type of common practice for women to appear.One type of person will not ware make up, and will dress in common attire and not care one way or another on how many view her, she is trying to make a point that her mind and personality are more important than her looks.The other extreme is women that care too much, some will do things that is unhealthy to look good, (bulimics, and anorexics, over exertion in the gyms. Etc) and some are naturally beautiful.These women will strive never to be seen in public with out make up and their hair fixed to perfection.These are also the types that wear tight cloths and skirts.They are sometimes mistaken as above to be materialistic or free with sex.They other extreme in the spectrum are women that are extremely obese, or dirty.These women either dont care hygienically for themselves, or do not care for weight, it is commend for westerners to be slightly over weight but enough is enough.Most women try to stay in the neutral territory, wear some make up, but not enough, wear stylish cloths but not to revealing, and look healthy, not fat, and not to skinny.
The age in which they usually marry and have children In Russia many women marry too early or for the wrong reasons: perhaps to get out of the house, perhaps to try to change her life, perhaps illusory “love at first sight.” So usual age to get marry is 22-25, and then very soon they have children. Usually in the city women have one child. There are women who are more into the career, but all the same they give birth to the child rather early. As women have no other choice and it is a usual practice, women get married very early, at about 18-22, and they have children very early too. The age in which they usually marry and have children. Well this is once again another tough one, there is no set norm.The average or the age in which society feels a women should marry is between the ages of 22-28.Younger and they are considred rushing it, and not finishing college, or what not, older and it is seen as wasting time, and letting their prime go, most men tend to want younger women, so they restrict there choices the older they get. Society feels women should not have children until they are married and have a stable financial situation. Now what realy happens, lately there has been a rise in teenage pregnancies, girls start having children as young as 15 now, once again this is frowned on, and marrying before alteast 18 takes parents permission and thus is rare.18-22 year olds that marry tend to get divorced early.Women that have children too early, tend to loose chances at having a marriage with a respectable man, until they hit 28 or older, then they are the average again.
Style of life in married life Russian women do everything about the house, they cook, they clean the house, they grow up children, and all this they do after work. Some men help the woman to do all the work, but it is rather rarely. Men do not help women to do any work. After the Russian woman from small city get married she is always busy with household duties, with children. Very often a man begins to get drunk, not to come home some nights, to have lovers, but she can’t do anything, only to stay at home, silently cry and grow up children. She knows that if she divorces, she will have very little chance to marry again with a child on her care, but she won’t have money to live herself and care for the child to live on her own. Style of living conditions in home life. Once again this falls under why the women got married, if it was for love, then the women will want to do the cooking and cleaning and want to help out around the house, and chances are her husband will join in, and help. If it was for money she will tend to do most of the work, or have someone hired to do it. Most men are willing to help but are also willing to let the women do all the work if they want.
The usual age for their spouses Russian women typically value maturity in a man. To them, this represents the best chance for a happy, stable marriage. So many girls have husbands about 5-8 years older than they. Usually Russian women from small cities marry very young and marry very young men usually with very little difference in age, some years later men begin to get tired of married life, to have lovers of younger age. After the man is 40 he can divorce his wife and marry a woman 15 years younger than he. Most women will want to marry someone older, it is said in western culture that women are more mature then men, and will seek older, it is also commend belief that a women searches for a good father figure, and one that is financially stable.So they also desire and older established male, the average age is between 4-8 years difference.
Attitude to courting Many women prefer men to do the first step in courting. They want to be courted, to have fine dining with the man (the man pays for them), to be presented flowers, to be helped to go through the doors and all other signs of attention from the man. When a man is courting a woman, he is very tender, nice, attentive to her, he gives her flowers, small gifts, takes her to the cafes, to barbecues. Well in the western Culture there are two main differences.The women liberalist do not like men to open the doors for them, they do not like men to pay, matter of fact they do not like any form of chivalry they believe everything should be 50/50.The other portion is more of a grey line, most women expect men not to open doors and not to pay for everything and not to do things that an old fashioned kind of guy would these women find it wonderful when a man will do these things for her. Once again, they like it but do not expect it.
Attitude to the man’s children from previous marriage Russians will love your children like they are their own, it is in the nature of Russian women. There is a bonding without jealousy over “his kids”. But as Russian men rarely care about their children, usually it is a mother with whom the children stay after the divorce. Russians will love your children like they are their own, it is in the nature of Russian women. There is a bonding without jealousy over “his kids”. But as Russian men rarely care about their children, usually it is a mother with whom the children stay after the divorce. Most western women, like any other women, does not hold any animosity, they will treat the kids as their own, unless the kids rebel and make this impossible, women are maternal creatures the exception is, if the father (her husband) seems to ignore her over the kids, or treats her as a babysitter, this can cause friction.
Culture Many are raised in a culture of classical music, literature, crafts and possess superb homemaking skills. Usually girls are not highly educated and cultured. They are all in household duties, children, garden, so they usually don’t read or listen to music, the only entertainment some soapoperas on TV. Most western women love to listen to popular music, classical music is not commonly listened too, most women love to read, but not all.As for Crafts, home making, this is rarely emphasized in western culture, if you want a craft you buy it, if you want good food, you order it. This is how most women see it today.

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