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We welcome you and congratulate you on the right choice!

For those who has had no experience with similar sites:

You do not have to fill in all the fields during your initial registration. Later, you can change information, add photos, and hey, ADD SOME HUMOR. Everyone likes to laugh.. While you are filing the questionnaire, remember, as always, to write down your LOGIN name and password.

The main secret of your success

You, honesty and willingness. Many people are hesitant about showing the first sign of attraction. This might be due to shyness or past experiences. If you like someone’s profile, “wink at them, use the smilies for instance.” Or send a short message or postcard to the intended. At least put him or her on your list of friends. Who knows, you might both get lucky.

We do not suggest to conclude the formal contract, we want to make you acquainted with our rules.

Be cosiderate and follow the Golden Rule.

Try to observe International customs and leave out stereotypes.

Be honest. If you are not interested in someone, have the courtesy / grace to tell them this.

Do not put lewd photos or language in your profile. IF you both like this sort of thing, save it for personal communications later.

DO answer letters ASAP. Imagine waiting on the phone for hours. NO FUN. Email is the same. Its quite often IMMEDIATE. Observe this immediacy BUT also KNOW that men and women in Russia often cannot get online hourly, daily or even weekly. Give them some slack.

If you agree to these terms, press the button, continue and HAVE FUN. Continue

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