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Questions and Answers
Dear Dr. Karamzin,How difficult is it for a Russian child to adapt to life in a foreign country? The child I am thinking of is l2 year old girl, she’ll be l3 if I marry her Russian mother, and would live in Southern California. I have been to Russia twice to see the mother and daughter. They live in a relatively small city. Southern California is very large and almost like a different planet than their small city. The daughter seems to like me, but she is a very quiet child. She is sensitive and cries easily. Her English is poor. I am very concerned about the morality of bringing her to the U.S. as a teenager and what I think will be many, many adjustment problems for her. I don’t want to hurt this child in any way, and am very concerned that taking her away from her Russian environment, even with her mother, might be harmful to her. Both she and her mother want to come here, both say they love me, but, as I said, I am really concerned about this child and want to protect her, to the extent that I will give up on the relationship with the mother and the daughter if I think that it is against the child’s interests in migrating to the U.S. at her age. What do you think? Thank you so much for your advice!

What do you think of a Russian woman who would snap in anger at me when she feels bad physically, lies, makes Anti-American remarks, and says negative things about my father? I have known her four months, and was about to petition for her to come to the U.S. on a fiance visa, and then all these things surfaced over the weekend. Thanks for your response.

This is quite a wierd question, but I have problems with my family and is it possible to totally leave home and just disappear from there lives? Or will they report me as missing? I have come to a conclusion that my life can not get any better unless I can totally exclude myself from them. I keep getting the feeling that it isnt possible and that I will be stuck with them for the rest of my life no matter what. Has this been done and did it work?

I have some concernes about some of the wording in my test overview and was wondering what can be done about it. I did try to answer the questions as best I could and how I feel the answers relate to me. There is a part in the overview that states I do not take blame, I cover my ass, and cover up mistakes. That is not even close. I do try to research and think ahead as to avoid making mistakes and therefore I suppose „cover my ass″ before the fact. However, if I make a mistake I have no problem admitting it and accepting the consequenses. To say that I cover up mistakes and try to find myself blameless makes me sound like a liar. I will not take the blame for someone else’s mistake unless I had an implication in it. If I told a coworker to do something that turned out to be wrong, I would readily accept responsibility. If there is any way that you can help me with this, please let me know.
Thank you
Jim Wehrheim

I’ve graduated from the University. I’ve met a girl and I like hervery much. But she is so rich! What should I do? I’m afraid to ask.

What is the attitude of the Russian woman if I want to move to Russia to marry and to live with her? Should I expect cultural problems to fit in and be accepted? I know some Russian language and intend to learn more, although it is difficult. Especially the Cyrillic alphabet! Excuse my being presumptuous but I have been reading Russian classic literature for all my life!

What should be regarded most when you are looking for a girl?

I want to change myself. It´s been a hard time for me during the past two years and in this respect I desire to change something about me. The problem is I do not know what to start with. I need your advice.

Why does he keep photos of his ex-girlfriend?

I´m so tired… I could not stick it any longer…I knew that he was married, I knew that all this would end in nothing. But I believed it would not! I fell in love with him, so deeply I fell..It was he who made me secure, strong and self-sustained!!! But now it is all over. We stay colleagues; we stay friends, but not as sincere as we used to be. It is all over, but it hurts me so much! I need him…

I gotta polyneuritis at 2.I can walk freely n’ve no prom operating computers n writing. i m indian, 22.So far i’ve achieved everything a normal guy achieves.I’ve a beautiful cousin, 18.She visits my place as ‘caretaker'(if my parents r away.)i m moved by care she takes of me. i’ve loved her as a sis till prom from some days is i’ve started fearing of losing her! i want 2 make her my valentine! She loves me i know but like a brother.on other side there’s guilty in my mind that i m looking my own sis in such a way.m i wrong or right?will she sacrifice(i think she has a boyfriend..he’s a real crap!!!)?if not how can i get out of this?

Hi, Can you please answer a puzzling question, a lot of russian ladies I have spoken to wear a gold ring on their finger. Here in the UK it is a sign that she is married. Russian ladies say it is not marrage rings. What are they?

she left me not because i had the accident with my motorbigle, but cause she did not love me. the trueth is that i had this accident because she wanted to leave me. now i feel terrible cause I think she has somebody knew. i wish i could find a solution because the love that i feel i is huge

For an ESL college class, I’m wanting to know what are appropriate, typical compliments used between Russians today. Also, what would be a typical responce when given a compliment?

I love my russian wife 32 years we are married since 6 years and since one year almost we do love evry two weeks and before it was almost every night she\’s faithful and have nobody else. What can I do?

How much sexy Russian girls are comparing with asian?

I’m in a bit of a touchy jam, and I need to know how to gracefully get out of it. I’ll try to make a long story short- in my recently-started quest for a Russian mate, I put my profile on a couple of sites and almost shockingly, got a ton of responses-many of them who I was genuinely interested in. Since you never know how any particular correspondence with a woman will go until there is something solid like talking on the phone, meeting face-to-face, etc., I wanted to keep my options open and I’m actively corresponding with 6 or 7 women. Now, it’s early while I have told each of them that they have the qualities that I’m looking for, and we’ve exchanged photos and much information, it’s fairly quickly gotten to the point where they are all very interested. All of these women are really wonderful, and every single one would be great for me, as far as I’m concerned. But there is ONE WOMAN out of these 6 or 7 that I REALLY, TRULY feel in my heart is THE PERFECT woman for me, and our letters to each other, so far, reflect that WAY more so than the others. However, I have kept things going with the other six women up until now because this early, I don’t know if things are for real or getting scammed, possibly (which I don’t think is the case, here). My point is, my problem is this: I want to get ALL my attention to this one woman and want to stop corresponding with the others. But they have been SO sweet, SO real and I’m a very nice, decent man that seems like, for one reason or another, got in over his head with correspondence. I guess in the beginning, I didn’t want to rely on just one correspondence for fear that something may not come out of it and then I would lose the opportunity with others I was interested in forever. The LAST thing I would want to do it hurt them, but I don’t see any way around this. HOW can I POSSIBLY tell these women that something has happened, something has changed, we cannot correspond any more, how can I do that gracefully without breaking their hearts or crushing their dreams? I am very sensitive to that, and I guess I should have done things differently, but I really didn’t expect this to happen as it has. Is there any advice at all

Hi there!
I see this sight and i ask myself a few questions (i realy dont believe iam making a mistake in any way or form – but i just thought id ask ) ok i have russian girlfriend and like most -a doll – ok iam married kids grown up long gone have wife but well we are both victims shotgun wedding about 21 years ago we live under same roof but at distant ends of the house , no sex rarely talk if we do it cold and sharp , although i like her as a friend you know , id never wish her hurt , though she\’s pretty cold and she has absolutely no interest in men , iam a guy il always pay the bills keep food on table pay morgage not a problem , but i do and pay everything for that with my work iam a dedicated historian in a special field and my wife will never have a gripe financialy ( god knows i could never bestow her upon some other poor bugger -she\’d send him broke ! guess thats why iam still with her , but my only stipualtion with all this is well iam business man i dont drink smoke go out -hey iam that homely i live in a big city in aussie yet ive never been 60 mile to the other side , iam not a roamer – my only luxury in life is my ever so lovely 29 year old russian beauty –who i go over and see 3 times a year for like 20/ 35 days a time –thats my only ace card in life and i aint about to give it up for the old girl . iam happy the wife hmmmm tollerates it at best –ahh but then if nothings on offer on the home front ( i mean whats a guy to do – i mean hell its either i tear down to the brothel an d blow $600 a month or head to russia over a year hey iam saving $$ ) i personaly do not thing iam doing a baddie hear as iam always back to pay the frieght etc ,and at days end iam still under my own roof , but ive always been tad the vagabond –man has to have a hobby – i know several aussies almost carbon copy situation as mine seem to be all coping ok .i just have this ever so slight guilt in back of mind –should i just forget guilt and adopt the attitude what the hell yu might be dead tomorrow live for today or should i totaly go without and sit and stare at the old girl whom hates my guts across the house ?

My husband has taken a great interest in writing e-mail letters to the different women of every kind in internet ( just a month later after our wedding!), I feel very sad.

Hello Dr. Karamzin. I’ve been a member of the alldisabled site for a little while now and I’ve read a lot of the suggestions you’ve given people, so I’m hoping you can help me. You see, I’m a bit different than most other people who’ve wrote to you. I’ve been in a wheelchair since 2000 due to a spinal chord injury. I’m 29 years old and I live with my parents because I’m not yet able to live on my own. I cannot drive, so I have to rely on other people (usually my parents) to take me places. I was wondering how someone like me could find a mate. Over the years, I’ve found that women seem to be a bit prejudice against guys in wheelchairs; most of them try to avoid me at all costs. At times I would find women to chat with over the internet, but as soon as I told them I was in a wheelchair they would break off all contact with me. It’s like they think I’m contagious or something. Because of this, I’ve never had a girlfriend before. I’ve also never had sex. I’ve never even kissed a woman before. What should I do?

Dear Dr.Karamzin, ‘On the Chemistry compatibility report’ page it is shown that i am more pesimistic than optimistic. This is kind of strange as i am condsidered by my friends as being quite optimistic. I do not like to be seen an a pesimist. Any suggestions?

Is there any idea about how to attract girls…

I like sex but i dont have time to do it i think sex evrey time what can i do

Are many CIS women aged 18-26 religious (Bible reading, church going)?

What culture differences can you see harming a relationship between someone from australia and someone from russia?

Its been long time since I lived with my wife but I cant divorce for various reasons. I offered several times to Russian women to move to my place for us to live together. I have offered her a good life and social security and protection. But they all refuse. Why would they do this? I know that in Russia many people live commonlaw. Why wouldn’t a russian woman be willing to do this with me?

I liked one woman whose photos I reviewed. We were corresponding and finally met. When we met I liked her very much, mostly, but her smell was a surprise, and not a nice one. It was so unusual to smell a woman that smelled like this.

There is one woman that I like but there is one thing about her that I dont like – she smokes. Will she quit after we get married?

I want to come to Russia and stay in the home of a woman I have met on the internet. She doesnt agree. I dont understand why she is scared.

My friends sort through all the dating sites in attempt to find women much younger than they are to marry, but I am more attracted to women my own age. Friends say that I am just scared of not to be able to cope with a young wife, but this is not true! How can I explain it to them?

How is your site differed from the numerous other dating and introduction sites of the Internet?

In principle I’m not against marriage, but to everything its time. I had proposed to girls to simply meet, and spend interesting time together, but they reject this offer. Why?

My friends surf through all the dating sites, attempting to find girls considerably younger then themselves, however I’m more attracted to my contemporaries. Friends say that I simply fear not managing with a young wife, but this is not true. How do I explain this to them?

Recently I wrote a letter to a young woman. Almost a month passed, but I still did not get an answer. Had it been myself, even if I did not want to continue our acquaintance, I would have nevertheless answered, honestly telling her about how I felt. Maybe something had happened to her? Or I did write something that that she did not find worthy of even refusing a reply to me?

I have just found out that a young woman with whom I had been corresponding also writes to other men. When I wrote to her questioning this behavior, she replied that she probably wasn’t the only woman I wrote to either.

I heard that majority of men prefer blonds. However I also heard that brunettes are more spirited. Could you tell me if this is true?

I am fond of the eastern direction in sex. Are they harmful to the European?

Is it the truth, that when a person is a vegetarian he has health and sexual longevity?

I fall in love with a Russian woman from Moscow, but she has a nine-year old son. Can there be problems with it?

How to be liked by Russian girls?

Whether it is possible to define the character of a girl at first sight? Perhaps, it can be made also on a picture?

I like women with excess weight. Is it abnormal?

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