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Big-City Dolls

In particular periods of time both Moscow and St. Petersburg acted as capitals of Russia. Is there any difference between big-city girls and female residents of other Russian regions?

People are familiar with TV and Internet almost everywhere in Russia. Thus, even residents of the most remote parts of the country can keep up with the political and financial global events, cultural developments and the newest fashion trends. You can easily buy fashion cloths wherever you stay in Russia, the only condition for that is money. But still Russian big-city girls are unlike the others.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are places of high international activity. Thousands of tourists, businessmen, scientists and artists regularly visit them. Girls there have a lot of opportunities to meet foreigners in real life besides the means of on-line dating services. Those of the girls who are interested in meeting a foreigner look for a position in companies that have international partnership, such as travel and tour guide agencies. Moreover, they can meet a foreigner in some other place in their native town. It can be either international exhibitions and seminars or some bar or disco. Country girls almost do not have such an opportunity since foreigners rarely visit somewhere in Russia except the two metropolitans.

Incomings of the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg are considerably higher than those of the dwellers of other Russian cities and towns, saying nothing of the countrymen, while the prices for the main goods and services are nearly the same all over the country. That is why only big-city dwellers can afford going abroad.

Unlike Russian back-country girls, a lot of which still regard foreign countries as some exotic paradise and foreign men as fairy-tale almighty conjurers, girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg have an idea of the real life abroad. They do not expect a Western man to be a celestial and quite understand that he is just a man with his earthly feelings, desires, troubles and a purse that is far from being bottomless. They do not seek for meeting a foreigner as for the only chance to escape Russia. They are just looking for a partner and man whom they may fall in love with.

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