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Psychology Center

Good Girls and Bad Girls

There are some girls who are positive in every way. They are tidy and punctual; they will never quarrel and will always behave properly. However, there is another type of girls, which is precisely the opposite of the first one. These girls are quick-tempered and disobedient and will always conduct both in spite of the public opinion and common sense. Where are the roots of the good and the bad behavior? How should one act establishing relationships with the girls like that?

Psychologists distinguish a lot of stages and phases of personality development. Having no need to get into particulars, we can assemble them into three general periods, which are childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

A child has several main tasks. He or she has to grow up, eat well and obey the mother. Behavioral pattern of a “good girl” is nothing else but detention at the stage of puerility. Seemingly, there is no reason to be tragic about it, as soon as a “good girl” should make an ideal wife. She will keep the house well, feed the children, iron your shirts and will hardly betray her husband. But there is a particular problem in the relationships with suchlike girls. A good girl has a deep affection for her parents and especially her mother. Since her early years she would always avoid upsetting her mother and contradicting her words in any matters. If the ideas of her husband and her mother differ even a little bit, such a girl will always take a side with her mother. This is the type of marriage that causes notorious animosity between the husband and his mother-in-law, which provides one of the most popular subjects for Russian jokes.

Intermediate period of adolescence is the time to reject infantile habits. A teenager conducts just the opposite his or her parents or other adults would like him or her to do, as long as the adults are considered to follow old-fashioned rules and norms. In due course, such a behavior will be put away, but there are some people who keep residing in the juvenile age for all their life-time. This behavioral pattern is one of the “bad girl”. The slightest attempts to make such a girl improve her conduct result in a fury and influence her behavior all the more so badly, since they are supposed to threaten her personal freedom. Bad girls often abuse alcohol and drugs and cheat their husbands with every second man. But the thing is they do it not for their lust, but for the sense of contradiction.

One may ask me what girls are better to marry, either the bad or the good. My answer is neither the former, nor the latter! You should marry only adult girls. However, if the girl falls in love with a man and appears willing to follow him, he is quite able to help her to grow up.

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