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Virtual Bridegroom

Russian Web, as well as the webs of other countries, provides a lot of sites that somehow give you an opportunity to date somebody. It may sound incredible, but the amount of questionnaires on some of them runs into millions. There are men and women of different age, country and city of origin, with all possible sexual preferences. Dating purposes listed in their questionnaires are also different. Some of them sincerely say that they are not looking for real meetings; however, at the same time there are a lot of men and women who pretend that they are looking for a person to make a family, to bear and bring up children, to have sex and live together.

One would think there is no problem at all in finding a person for any type of relationships, as soon as there is such a wide choice. But in fact it is not so simple. The majority of attempts to find a person for real meetings, apart from the things even more serious, get drowned in lingering correspondence. Even a suggestion to have a phone call is rarely accepted. It may happen so that virtual sweet talk would help somebody to relieve his or her solitude, raise self-esteem and feel more confident. But what should be done for those who are looking for real relationships and consider virtual love is not enough?

People, whose wants expect something more than a mere correspondence, soon understand that it is not worth spending time on entertainments like this and register at some other dating sites, among which marriage agencies are in particular. You can hardly find there millions of questionnaires; however their owners purpose some more earthly matters. This is the way Russian girls do when they are looking for a husband. Would you imagine then what a great disappointment they face when they come across an endless correspondence and virtual love at the site of a marriage agency? In their opinion, a man who presumes upon virtual sweet talk is automatically assigned to the rank of an adult child who plays computer games and he is no longer regarded as a possible future bridegroom.

Nevertheless, a lot of men who register at the dating sites are really disposed to marriage. That is why they are not so hasty about making their decision. They regard several variants at a time trying to choose the best one and linger with the correspondence without any intention to obtain the position of a virtual bridegroom. However, sometimes they even would not think of the fact that a woman who deserves to be their choice also has a right to choose. She would not wait till the crack of doom and would also regard other variants. Sweet talks would neither oblige her to “keep faith”.

If you are really interested in a woman you should not keep correspondence for too long. You’d better proceed to some particular actions; otherwise you are at risk to loose your lady before the time you really gain her.

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