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Don’t Envy Hercules

Athlets with pumped muscles invariably draw attention of the people around them and not only women, but men as well. Some people look at huge bicepses with admiration and grudge, others regard them with a feeling of reverential horror, while the third will scornfully neglect them.

It is no secret that body-builging demands much time and effort, besides the huge money expenses as well. All these exercise machines, fitness instructors and high-protein diet are nothing near so cheap. For what reason do men endure all these hardships if that is the case? The answer seems rather obvious. They want to get stronger than the others.

But, as proved by experience, lean masters of martial arts, who prefer to spend their time polishing their techniques and raising their strength of mind, easily defeat slow body-builders with their powerful muscles. Therefore, force could not be the main stimulus for them. However, the very image of a tough guy, according to the modern fashion trends, cannot do without pumped muscles.

Have you ever seen a male strip-show at least on the TV? There is a striking contrast between male and female striptease. As opposing to the strip actress whose main performance idea is invitation and thereto she changes various fixed invocatory poses, male strip-dancer demonstrates his power in dynamics and movement. Obviously, in this regard striptease should be considered not only a dancing show, but a quintessence of existing canons of sexuality.

Female sexuality is a process of appealing and waiting, while male role is rather active and offensive. That is why pumped muscles symbolize maleness. But, unfortunately, it is mostly just a symbol that in fact helps to conceal one’s vulnerability and uncertainty.

There is a popular belief that excessive use of all these body-building procedures negatively influences one’s sexual potency. This prejudice is similar to the conclusions that basketballing increases one’s height, since there are only six-feet-high giants on the basketball court.

Quite the opposite, in fact, a man who has never questioned his male status will hardly think it necessary to prove his own importance and sexuality by pumping iron. Men like this prefer to spend their energy for some more pleasant activities, which as well help them to get the confirmation of their male significance. Body-builging attracts those who initially doubt their own sexual advantages and thus try to mask their sexual feebleness under enormous bicepses.

However, a brawny man has a number of features that many women may regard as rather valuable. He does not know what laziness is and willingly begins upon any work, even a “petticoat” one. Despite his tough appearance, such a man is rather compliant. His patience is boundless and he takes easy even the most provoking whims.

His image as such can provide a reliable protection, since there is hardly a person who will dare to give these mighty muscles a fair self-trial. But there are only few people who know how defenceless such a man can be to malicious women’s tongues that leave no escape even for the powerful muscles.

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