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Choosing clothes, we are usually guided by the criteria of taste and fashion and do not reflect on the influence the colors and style have on our sexual instincts. Many people cannot even imagine that the very utility clothes can be more erotic than the most extravagant lingerie.

Create a Sexual Silhouette

Imagine the outlines of a male and female body and try to recall what their prominent features and distinctions are. We see contours of a figure from a distance and they are the first thing we pay attention to. If you want to look sexual, the main requirement for your clothes is to help the process of your gender identification instead of preventing from it. In fact, the concept that we regard as sexuality first of all means maleness or feminity.

The simplest decision is maximum of open body uncovered by the clothes. Short skirts and low necked dresses give women an indisputable advantage in demonstrating perfection of their forms. Men are not so critical as many women think. Men can as well uncover their chest, shoulders and hands, especially if they are strong and brawny.

When it is too cold to expose yourself, do not get into despair. Clothes densely fitting the body also look sexual. Narrow trousers and skirts, closely fitting things and elastic materials also emphasize the maleness or feminity of your figure.

It was not by mere chance, that the beginning of jeans fashion concurred with the period of sexual revolution. Being a material that fades with wearing, denim to the best advantage accentuates the relief of male and female body.

f you feel uncomfortable in tight-fitting clothes, you can put on something chunky, soft and translucid. Most favorably it looks in motion when each movement reveals separate details and adds new fragments to the mosaic of your image.

You should be more attentive with rigid fabrics and volumetric details. Expanded shoulders make your silhouette look more musculine, while the clothes that visually broaden your hips emphasize feminity. Therefore, big artificial shoulders in lady’s clothes and baggy trousers hanging loose around man’s buttocks do not improve your sexual successfulness.

Choosing Sexual Color

Various colors have different effects on the most secret corners of our mentality including feelings, emotions and ancient instincts. Color aura is determinted not only by the color of clothes but also by the color of hair, lips, skin, different details and accessories.

Contrast intensive colors call for “sexual Duel”. Black color is the most effective one, then follows red and white. That’s why these colors are widely used in erotic lingerie. However, the combination of these colors is almost provocative. Those who like quick and vigorous sex should try to take advantage of this opportunity selecting the clothes of proper gamma. In such a way, a white-skinned woman in a black dress wearing scarlet lipstick will have a great sexual appeal for men.

If you prefer refined sensuality to vigorous sex use soft pastel tones. Lilac and light blue attract creative intellectuals, while pale greenish shades are admired by poetical philosophers, as long as ivory and rose-pink appeal for sentimental romantics.

“Cheerful” colors such as orange, cannary and emerald green supported by print fabrics and motley patterns help to create comfortable atmosphere and make the dialogue easier. Those people who see sex as a pleasant game and source for pleasure and comfort may take advatage of suchlike clothes to find a common-minded partner.

If you want to protect yourself from importunity, you should use brown or moccasin shades. These colors symbolize constancy and readiness to follow habits, norms and rules,while khaki and mustard shades point at disinclination for sexual adventures.

Unnaturally bright “acid” colors are peculiar to defiant people whose main goal is public attention. Sexual appeal takes place rather in their manners and talks than in actions. Even when they do something they claim to be able to do, they do it for the sake of their image and not because they really get pleasure in it.

Grey and faded shades imply reserved manners, shyness, uncertainty and unwillingness to stand out from the crowd. But under such a shell there can be hidden a sexual pearl, which will probably shine in your hands.

Don’t Forget about Erotic Details

Surveys taken on the matter of the most erotic parts of male and female body have shown the most unexpected results. For men, the most sexual parts of female body were not legs or bust, but rather full lips and a dimple above the breast. The things that women regarded most sexual in men were brawny shoulders and tough buttocks instead of a big penis as many men would expect. Despite the unexpectedness of these opinions, people tried to draw attention to these parts of the body for a long time.

Women used to rouge their lips from the times immemorial. If you want your lips to look more chubby and eloquent, it is better to use two lipsticks applying a darker one over the contour and a lighter one in the middle. “The most erotic” point on the chest since ancient times was decorated by various necklaces, and as well you’d better not to neglect this sexual trick.

Men used to draw attention to their shoulders by tattooes and epaulettes symbolizing their power and status. In modern clothes their role is carried out by decorative epaulettes and stripes. Just the same, hip-pockets, useless from the practical point of view, contrast lines and labels in jeans fashion are made to draw attention to the “underside” of masculine sexuality.

Hairdress, as well, is an important element of your image. The rigid superfashionable hairstyle “flavoured” with varnishes and gels is a feature of a furious fighter of sexual front. Refined seducers and seductresses are hiding behind long romantic locks, although they quite know their real worth and sometimes even try to advance it. Owners of a fine crop of hair are inclined to oral caresses and long and pleasurable lovemaking. Slick hair are perceived as an attribute of obstinacy and indifference to the spheres of sex and sensuality.

Perhaps, the most disputable attributes of modern sexuality are three days’ stubble on a man’s face and feminine short bloomers. The three days’ bristle undoubtedly helps to create a more manly image. But a sensitive woman will obviously imagine what sensations may emerge when such a scrub touches her gentle skin, and she will hardly want to try it. Shorts enable women to show the best of their legs more effectively than any extra-short skirt. But, in such a case, men’s glances, despite all natural laws capable of travelling not only along a straight line, meet there a Chinese Wall and quickly cool down. Stubbles and shorts affect aesthetical perception, but bring no sexual appeal. Therefore, they mostly attract those who prefer “erotic shows” to real intimacy.

Find The Style

Official business style has been initially created so that sexual fluids were unable to prevent from work. Another thing hardly compatible to sex is sports. Moreover, sports frequently serves as a “substitute” to sex, or as psychologists call it, as a sublimation of it. If you want your communication with the opposite sex to be successful, do not put on a business or gym suit going out. Leave them for the office and gym. What style will you regard as the most sexual – romantic, extravagant, classical or free-form? Everything depends on you.

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