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The Secret of Casanova

Women are so different from us men. We quite understand this in theory, but in practice we measure everything from our masculine viewpoint. Thus, female behavior frequently seems to us so absurd that it causes not only bewilderment, but sometimes even enfevers us. Let’s take, for example, all these coffee-table books. How can they read such a garbage and at the same time ignore every single word when we tell them about the most interesting and serious things such as world economy, computer networks or our own ingenious thoughts? What are they looking for in all these slipslops? What else do they need when a real alive man is beside them? Do they lack love? No problem, I am quite able of lovemaking!

Or, for instance, let’s take their clothes and manners. When we men see a woman in a glaringly short skirt, with bright make-up, who gives the glad eye to us, we don’t have any doubts that she is craving for satisfaction of her sexual needs. It will never come to our mind that we “have already satisfied” her when we have almost broken our necks staring at her. The only thing she needs at the moment is not sex, but our attention and admiration. When it is we who are willing to attract some attention, there are complicated theories invented, fresh jokes told and our financial well-being demonstrated. But if our wives or girlfriends spend too much time in front of the mirror, we are getting overcome with some unpleasant suspicions.

We quite often read that more than half of women suffer from anorgasmy. But there is one thing about it that is not so clear. They say “women suffer” as if there are only men engaged in solving this problem. Is it because of men’s compassion?

Or is it just because we men start suffering from inferiority complex if we do not manage to make our lady feel high at least once? For this reason we often try persuading women that an orgasm is not their right, but rather an honor commitment for each normal woman. We show miracles of ingenuity thinking out various means and techniques to make our woman happy, believing that there should certainly be some strictly confidential tricks known only to modern “Casanovas”, agents of CIA and spacemen.

What is the secret of present-day “Casanovas”? The majority of them are far from being “sexual giants” – they just understand what women really “suffer” from. More often they suffer not from the anorgasmy, but rather from the lack of their man’s attention, caresses and tenderness, from the lack of love and romantic feelings. For any woman, love is the main “aphrodisiac” and without love she turns into a cold and quarrelsome shrew.

Women consulted me on various problems, but the majority of them comlained about the lack of love and consideration of their beloved one. It is difficult for a woman to choose between family and love, since she wants to get both in her family. If her husband cannot give her love and thus constantly makes her face this difficult choice, there can emerge serious family problems. The woman finds herself having to choose between her husband and one of the “Casanovas”. On the one hand, there is her family and settled relations, and on the other there are romantic feelings that are not supposed to bring any reward. But, as proved by experience, suchlike situations often result against husband’s favor.

So what are we men supposed to do if family relations are sustained, love has gone somewhere and there is no harmony in intimate relations? Do we have to acknowledge the “coldness” of our wife and endure it for the sake of our children’s wellbeing? Do we have to rely upon artificial stimulators of orgasm and sexual techniques? Do we have to go mad with jealousy and regard every man as a potential rival? Or is it easier to divorce and not to suffer?
Gentlemen, have we really forgotten how to fascinate a woman, how to make her eyes shine and her breathing uneven by a single touch? Can you recall the times when it was you and not someone else who told the woman beside you about love, who was so romantic, sincere and gallant and had her love in response?

It should be much easier now, since you already know all her habits and passions. But if you still have no idea how to make the woman fall in love with you, go to the bookstore. You will find a huge amount of “practical guides” on this question. I do not mean all these self-teaching manuals of witchcraft and sexual acrobatics handbooks, which suggest hundreds of neckbreaking ways for you and your partner.

Take a look at all these coffee-table books neglected by men. Watch how gladly women read them; read at least one of them and you will understand what women do really expect from us and what they need most. Anyway, it is much more than Casanova’s Spanish fly or enlarged penis.

Grant your woman a flower – let it be out of the blue and probably for the first time in the course of years. Kiss her on your coming home from work, take her by her hand and call to mind some tender words.

Such gentle actions will have incomparably greater effect than a cream-stimulator for orgasms. And when at last you feel that your lost senses are coming back, imagine how great it will be to lie together in bed, to listen to the quiet music and have this glass of your self-made aphrodisiac…

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