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Psychology Center

How to Measure Compatibility

Having been working in various marriage agencies for many years, I have observed a typical situation. A man becomes acquainted with a woman through a dating site and traverses thousand kilometres to meet her. However, from the first minutes of personal contact neither of them can conceal his or her disappointment and even irritation, understanding that nothing good will grow from their further contact, and that their relationship are doomed to failure.

Why does it happen? They liked each other in the photos; they were satisfied with each other’s questionnaires; they have corresponded for some months. At least they are supposed to feel some mutual leaning towards each other at their first meeting, or aren’t they? Everything seemed to be so perfect when they spoke on the phone and exchanged messages. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Have you ever noticed that different people communicate at different distances? During a conversation one person always moves too close to you while the other constantly “escapes” from you, and you “lose” him. If communicative distance in a dialogue differs too much for two people, they fail to establish contact. Maintaining a particular distance is neither a manner, nor a habit. It is concerned with person’s vital energy and sexual needs. Incompatibility of personal distances heavily influences personal meetings, and especially biases marriage, but you cannot predict it by photos and correspondence.

Another important feature, which also cannot be traced by photos and questionnaires, is tempo-rhythm. I’m sure you have come across some people who irritated you with their fussiness or, quite the opposite, seemed to you too slow and dull. Actually they are neither good nor bad. Each person lives in individual, natural and comfortable for him or her rhythm that can be detected both in the conversation, movements and sex. If tempo-rhythms of the two people considerably differ, these people won’t feel anything except mutual irritation for each other.

One could be shown many examples on discrepancy between various innate personal characteristics. However, it is not only physiological incompatibility that can turn a man away from woman. One of the common reasons for disappointment may be financial interest in communication (scam) and cupidity of some ladies. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them, and they use any opportunity to get at the man’s wallet, including acquaintances through dating sites. If the woman is clever enough, she doesn’t begin to ask for money immediately, but at a face to face meeting you will clearly feel her covetous nature.

Still, the main reason for disappointments is to be found in ourselves. Trying to find the dream of our life, at times we dismiss the desirable to get the satisfactory. The less concrete and trustworthy information we have about the person, the more our imagination is capable of creating an especially attractive image. Having seen a photo taken by a professional and having read the questionnaire where everyone writes only good things about him or herself, a man projects ideal qualities onto the real woman. Having discovered the discrepancy between the two images at a private meeting, a man (or a woman) feels deceived.

Where is the solution for such a problem ? How to protect yourself from mistakes and disappointments communicating with a person at a distance? The only real decision is to take psychological testing for everyone concerned.

There are two kinds of psychological tests. The first type includes a set of questions on many various matters. All the questions are stated directly and are not evaluated through any mathematical processing.

Thus, such an information cannot be considered authentic because of natural and not always realized desire of the respondent to show his or her best or even because of the person’s deliberate cheating on the answers. The only way to succeed with this type of questions is to ask each one many times, but then it makes it easy to figure out the strategy of the questionnaire.

The second type of psychological testing assesses necessary features and aspects by asking indirect interrelated questions. Answers are processed and corrected by a complex mathematical analysis based on an extensive statistical database. It becomes practically impossible “to cheat” such a professional system. The psychological test we use here belongs to the second type. It estimates some important physiological characteristics, such as, for instance, tempo-rhythm or personal distance.

The Personality Interpreter we have on this site was developed in Russia some years ago. This unique method has no counterparts in the world. The test includes 34 parameters that reflect multiform human features – from business qualities to the sexual needs. It will help you to learn yourself better and will give you full adequate description of the people you are dealing with. Also it will find you the woman most compatible to you from our extensive database and predict your future relationships providing some recommendations on how to win her appreciation.

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