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Number of restaurants and cafes in St. Petersburg keeps growing but still the city is far from being packed with places where you can get a decent meal. For more information check out our Dining Guide. As a general rule it is best to make reservations whenever possible as it can be frustrating trying to find a place that has room on the spur of the moment. With Russian-run places this can be somewhat difficult for non-Russian speakers, and a visit to the restaurant or cafe is necessary. Pay attention to opening hours; it can be hard to find something after 22:00 or 23:00 unless it’s at a hotel or bar. You may notice that several establishments quote menu prices in dollars and then apply a miserable exchange rate thus making your meal more expensive than if, for instance, you were to pay by credit card. However, as few places outside Western-style hotels and restaurants accept credit cards (check before you order) its always a good idea to bring plenty of rubles with you.

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