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Attitude to women Russian men are very demanding to their wives and no attentive. They demand of the woman to have work, to keep the house, to care for him and children and to care for their appearance. They do not give back a lot to their wives, they think, that their presence at home is a good prize for the woman in itself. Women are always under stress, tired and exhausted. American men are less demanding to their wife than other men and more generous. He is happy when his wife gives him warmth, love, care, gentleness and loyalty. Germans think that women must just cook and make love. Some think that many girls are just dumb.
Attitude to household duties Almost all Russian men do not do any household duties. Some can help their wife hoover, but no cooking, no cleaning the house, no laundry or ironing. They want their wife or mother to work and to do all the work about the house. It is in all Russian proverbs that Russian men are additions to sofa and TV. Almost all American men can do and do household duties. They can cook, they keep the house. Of course, they would be happy if their wife would share these duties, but they can live alone and care for themselves. Many men from Europe can do some household duties but they prefer their wives to do it. If they do not have wives they can hire some help once a week to keep the house. But it is far easy to find the European man doing household duties than a Russian man.
Attitude to the woman’s work Usually men can’t afford to let their wives do not work, so women have to work full working day, raise their children (men do not take part in raising their children also) and keep the house and do all the cooking. Many men can afford their wife not to work, but if they have their own business prefer their wives to help them in business, to do everything together from doing household duties to raising children and working together. Many men can afford their wives not to work. They do not want their wife to succeed in business but it is all right if the girl does some meaningless job. Their attitude to the woman’s work is rather depreciating.
Show emotions Russian men rarely show their feelings, almost never, all the culture tells them from early age that only girl show their feeling but real man/boy must not. And so Russian men are used never to vent their emotion, maybe it is the reason for so early men’s heart strokes. American men show their feelings, they think that a good man is self confident and so they are not afraid to show them. Many European nations do not show their emotions either.
Attitude to their health Russian men do not look after their health, do not try to keep fit. So usually they smoke a lot, drink a lot, do not do any sport and so they are fat, without muscles and good figure and the average age of dying among men is about 55. American men usually look after their health, do some exercises, keep diet, do not smoke, don’t drink excessively. American men are more caring about their appearance than other nations as a rule. So as a rule they look and feel minimum 10 years younger than Russian or European men at the same age. European men look after their health not as much as American men but not so aloof to the demands of their body as Russian men.
Attitude to the child of the woman from previous marriage Most men do not like to marry a woman with a child, the reason for this is usually that they as a rule are not good fathers (they prefer not to help their wives to grow up even their own children), and because of financial reasons, they feel that they can’t raise the child of the woman in addition to his own child. They are so much into their work, into watching TV or sport that children do not have much importance in their life. Men wants to bond with the child and raise the child as their own, help it grow up and be happy. Sometimes the child will not cooperate….but if the man is kind and patient the child normally begins to change. It requires much patience from the man. Men prefer to find women without children, but if they marry a woman with child, they raise the child as their own.
Extramarital activity Many men had or have a lover, especially if they have their own business and earn a lot, it is very often. They stongly support family values. It is always on TV. Womanizers are not accepted. It is very bad to have a lover when married. In UK is is somewhat accepted among the upper class and upper middle class to have a lover when married. In France , Spain, Italy it is accepted. In Germany not so much because the German man is into his work.That is why men expect so much from their girl friends.
Do men change after they begun to earn money and have their own business After a Russian man begins to earn good money, he changes a lot, he wants to have fun, but he does not see any other way of it, than drinking excessively, having many lovers, going to prostitutes, going to banya with friends and prostitutes. men do not change much….There are a few who are womanizers but most of the men here have other things to do for fun….in USA there are many, many, many things to do: golf, hunting, tennis, concerts, etc. Even in Las Vegas , the gambling capital of the world, most men do not mess with prostitutes. Men do not change a lot either. They just find other way to have fun.

You are welcome to make comments, suggest some additional info). It was written from my personal experience and discussion with men from different cultures and of course it describes the difference in men in general, so there can be some exceptions.

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